Developed from practice for practice.

Field-tested and developed for the needs of building developers.

TWINGINE was developed by Siemens Real Estate to meet your practical challenges. We are driven by the desire to simplify your everyday work and make optimum use of our team’s wealth of expertise in the field of real estate.

Today, the building sector is responsible for almost half of carbon emissions worldwide. Building developers have to deal with the challenge of constructing and operating their properties in an increasingly sustainable manner – despite rising construction and maintenance costs. BIM has the potential to boost efficiency. However, building developers are faced with a dilemma: Until now, building owners have hardly been able to derive any measurable benefit from BIM, while at the same time having to bear its costs. TWINGINE is the solution to this user-investor dilemma.

Most real estate projects offer a variety of optimization opportunities. That was something TWINGINE’s managing director Christian Schunicht found out for himself. As the responsible head of purchasing at Siemens Real Estate, he has over ten years of experience in the construction sector. Every year, he commissioned real estate services worth hundreds of millions of euros – often with unsatisfactory results regarding available variant comparisons. His vision was to develop a holistic, transparent, intuitive analysis software application that really addresses the needs of the real estate industry. The goal is: Builders should be able to use and compare digital building models without additional effort so that they can build and operate real estate even more efficiently, with higher quality and more sustainably.


TWINGINE is the solution to this user-investor dilemma.


TWINGINE combines digital building models and external data sources for transparent BIM use cases.


TWINGINE ensures high-quality data for every real estate project and provides intuitively usable dashboards.

“The real estate sector has a lot of catching up to do in terms of digitization – on the other hand, it can leverage enormous efficiency potential.”

Christian Schunicht, Managing Director of TWINGINE

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