Experience BIM on a new level.

TWINGINE features

Do you have the ambition to develop highly efficient buildings? Then every decision counts. The analyzes in TWINGINE provide all the necessary facts, taking into account costs, quality and sustainability.

How TWINGINE optimizes your construction project:

Select the relevant KPIs for your construction project, based on your requirements. TWINGINE offers you a broad selection of individually adaptable KPIs.

Let TWINGINE check the quality of your data automatically – you can leverage key optimization potential with the help of transparent analyses.

Get full transparency regarding efficiency, cost and sustainability criteria based on a fully automated model analysis.

5 features for your project success

Model Quality

Select the most promising use cases on a project-specific basis and thereby simultaneously define the most important model requirements for your projects. TWINGINE automatically validates all data that is contained in the model and of relevance for you and checks it for completeness and correctness. Missing information can be added at an early stage so that the quality of your models can be maximized.

Your advantage:The quality of your digital building models is ensured right from the start and you can use the model for your desired analysis for the first time.

Space efficiency

Let TWINGINE determine the efficiency of your planned buildings automatically and model-based, comparing it with any preferred standard, such as DIN 277 or gif. TWINGINE quickly and simply quantifies your digital building planning.

Your advantage: TWINGINE enables you to recognize optimization potential at a glance and effortlessly improve your space efficiency.

CAPEX simulations

Capital investment is one of the biggest cost drivers in real estate projects. The CAPEX simulations identify effective levers for adjusting quality in the right places or to reducecosts e.g. for façade, lighting or MEP.

Your advantage: TWINGINE utilizes commonly available or individual cost databases.

OPEX simulations

How does your property perform under operating conditions? How does the use of heat pumps as opposed to gas heating impact your costs? The life cycle simulations indicate within the operating costs, for example, your building’s expected energy demand and enable you to make a quick comparison of various options.

Your advantage: TWINGINE analyzes life cycle costs for facility management and services with the aim of optimizing your operating costs over time.


The carbon footprint is becoming an increasingly crucial factor in the construction sector and building developers need to realize its importance for their future success. TWINGINE helps you identify carbon drivers at an early stage and reduce your carbon footprint on a sustainable basis – both during construction and in the operational phase of the property.

Your advantage: TWINGINE leverages carbon databases and generates a clearly designed dashboard of all carbon drivers.


I need help to specify my modeling requirements. Will I receive support from TWINGINE experts?

During the onboarding process, an expert is always on hand to help you get the most out of TWINGINE. We will align your requirements and jointly analyze a project of your choice.

Which standards does TWINGINE take into account?

TWINGINE draws on standards that are common in the sector, including, for example, DIN 277 and gif for calculating space, DIN 276 for construction costs and DIN 18960 for operating cost as well as DIN EN 15978 for Life Cycle Assessment.

How complex is it to implement the software?

It is very easy to implement TWINGINE: The cloud-based web application is a plug-and-play solution that helps simplify your handling of BIM-based projects within a short time. If required, our experts will install the tool together with you.

How long can I test TWINGINE?

You can use TWINGINE with all its available dashboards for one month free of charge in order to experience its full power. Before we provide you with access to TWINGINE we conduct a brief comparison of your requirements and analyze a project of your choice.