Digital building model analysis for sustainable construction

Digital building model analysis for sustainable construction

You’ve never seen real estate like this.

Analyze your real estate projects digitally, transparently and in real time. Identify your optimization potential at a glance and make sustainable decisions.

The intuitive features of TWINGINE support your efficient, needs-based planning and make building models comparable. Further, forecasts enable buildings to be operated in a more resource-saving and cost-saving manner.

Join the digital pioneers of the construction sector.

Leverage your database more effectively than ever before.

Every construction project is based on complex, heterogeneous data. To date, however, a great deal of information has been gathered without making the most of its potential.

TWINGINE is the first BIM analysis software for building developers that automates, combines and validates the data. The tool provides dashboards that visualize correlations in a clear manner and display them transparently. Compare your KPIs at a glance and accelerate your coordination with project partners to improve your planning security.

Achieve more efficient results.

A holistic, transparent look at your building planning enables you to identify potential that can help you achieve your targets more quickly and efficiently.

Increase the space efficiency of your buildings and compare key performance indicators to gain additional valuable insights on a cross-project basis.

Build sustainably and save in the long term.

Find effective levers for reducing operating costs – supported by automated analyses.

TWINGINE helps you to exploit all the options that BIM and digital twins offer you – and goes one major step further: Right from the construction phase, the tool leverages potential to optimize energy use and enables you to operate your building on a sustainable basis in the long term.

Implement digital construction.

TWINGINE provides building developers with an overview of the most promising BIM use cases, including standardized requirements profiles,

enabling you to implement BIM without manual effort. From now on, you can implement sector trends such as decarbonization as well as circular and green buildings.

“We are confident that with TWINGINE we have created something unique and disruptive for the real estate industry.”

Christian Schunicht, Managing Director of TWINGINE

Developed by real estate experts.

TWINGINE is the result of decades of experience: The functions of the Building Model Analyzer are being developed with the expertise of Siemens Real Estate – an established corporate real estate company that has already led numerous large-scale BIM-based projects to success.


Who is the TWINGINE offer aimed at?

The intuitive cloud software gives building developers for the first time the opportunity to benefit from the full use of BIM-based real estate projects and leverage all the relevant data in a targeted, intuitive manner by means of automation.

How long can I test TWINGINE free of charge?

After a brief comparison of your requirements, we analyze a project of your choice and provide you with access to TWINGINE with all its available dashboards for one month free of charge to give you sufficient time to experience the full power of TWINGINE.

Which data formats does TWINGINE work with?

TWINGINE supports the open IFC format. As an IFC export is possible with every conventional modeling software application, you can benefit from the advantages of TWINGINE in every real estate project without any problem.

How does TWINGINE protect my data?

The technical infrastructure behind TWINGINE is designed to keep your data confidential, intact and available. The web application is encrypted at all times. Detailed rights management and high-performance Azure cloud hosting by our partner Microsoft additionally ensure security at the highest technical level.

With which goal was TWINGINE developed?

TWINGINE was developed by people who faced the same challenges as you. Based on many years of experience of experts in the field of real estate, TWINGINE was created to simplify your everyday work.