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Building Model Analyzer from TWINGINE

With TWINGINE, building developers finally have the opportunity to use BIM profitably and to analyze and plan their real estate projects even more efficiently. In the magazine, you will learn how to get the most out of the Building Model Analyzer through exciting industry insights, interviews with TWINGINE experts and use cases directly from the field.

Use Case Siemens, The Move: Move more with TWINGINE

For the planning of "The Move", Siemens relied on TWINGINE and was able to achieve advantages in terms of space and cost efficiency.

Interview: Perspectives for 2022

TWINGINE CEO Christian Schunicht on digital twins, trends in the real estate sector, and an outlook of the year 2022.

Your professional insights into the real estate industry

What benefits does BIM offer in real estate projects? How do digital twins support building developers? How do real estate professionals make more efficient use of BIM data? The e-book BIM in Practical Use provides answers.

BIM and trends
in the real estate practice

TWINGINE is the tool for more efficient building analyses and successful real estate projects. In addition, builders need to know what’s driving the industry and the competition. With the articles in TWINGINE magazine you are always up-to-date.

BIM in practical use

Future of
Real Estate


Who is the TWINGINE offer aimed at?

The intuitive cloud software gives building developers for the first time the opportunity to benefit from the full use of BIM-based real estate projects and leverage all the relevant data in a targeted, intuitive manner by means of automation.

How does TWINGINE protect my data?

The technical infrastructure behind TWINGINE is designed to keep your data confidential, intact and available. The web application is encrypted at all times. Detailed rights management and high-performance Azure cloud hosting by our partner Microsoft additionally ensure security at the highest technical level.

With which goal was TWINGINE developed?

TWINGINE was developed by people who faced the same challenges as you. Based on many years of experience of experts in the field of real estate, TWINGINE was created to simplify your everyday work.