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Gray energy

Gray energy: How do construction materials influence the sustainability of buildings?

Since the energy transition at the latest, green energy has become a term familiar to a great many people. But what is "gray energy"?
Sustainability in the construction industry:

Sustainability in the construction industry through efficiency

Why sustainability in the building industry is essential for achieving climate change goals and how building owners can contribute to this.

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What benefits does BIM offer in real estate projects? How do digital twins support building developers? How do real estate professionals make more efficient use of BIM data? The e-book BIM in Practical Use provides answers.

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FAQ: Real estate

What is Open BIM?

Open BIM is an open data standard for the free exchange of information between various project stakeholders – regardless of the software they use in their everyday work.

How does an Open BIM process work?

In order to work within a real estate project using an Open BIM approach, an open data exchange format is required. For instance, the organization buildingSMART has developed the IFC format in collaboration with software vendors. IFC stands for Industry Foundation Class.

IFC makes it possible to exchange data regardless of the various software solutions used by the stakeholders involved in a project. In order to do so, however, the software used must be capable of importing and exporting data according to an exchange format defined for the project.

Which advantages does Open BIM offer for real estate projects?

A variety of partners and professions usually work together on real estate projects. Architects, for example, typically work with different tools to electrical designers or building developers.

Rather than having to commit to a single software product, the Open BIM approach enables stakeholders to continue using their familiar software solutions and still collaborate efficiently as a project team, making coordination considerably easier.