Greater transparency for better decision-making.

Digital building optimization has finally become a reality.

More than a digital twin, but simpler than BIM – that’s the TWINGINE Building Model Analyzer. With TWINGINE you can now analyze your real estate projects fully digitally, transparently and in real time. TWINGINE enables building developers to leverage all the advantages of BIM for the first time. Compare your optimization potential at a glance to make sustainable decisions, minimize costs and achieve a maximum of planning quality.

5 use cases, endless potential

Define model quality digitally and have it checked automatically

Calculate space efficiency automatically

Keep a close eye on capital expenditure and operating costs at all times

Determine the performance and energy requirements of buildings

Detect carbon drivers and reduce your carbon footprint

All-in-one solution

“With TWINGINE, building developers can utilize and compare digital building models at no extra cost.”

Christian Schunicht, Managing Director of TWINGINE

Utilize the full extent of BIM.

Whether or not you already work with BIM, as a building developer, TWINGINE enables you for the first time to make ideal use of all the benefits of Building Information Modeling without compromise – and extends your competitive edge.

TWINGINE is the central intelligence of your real estate projects, simplifying your processes and making project KPIs comparable.


I haven't yet used BIM software; can I still use TWINGINE?

Yes, because TWINGINE provides you with standardized requirement profiles and a high level of automation. TWINGINE gives you an overview of the most promising BIM use cases for building developers and their standardized requirement profile as well if required, enabling you to implement BIM without manual effort.

I already use BIM. Which added value does TWINGINE offer me?

TWINGINE helps you to analyze your data even more efficiently and display the information in dashboards so that you can make well-informed decisions within a shorter time.

Are my data secure in TWINGINE?

Yes, of course! We place great emphasis on data security right from the outset – our technical infrastructure is designed to keep your data confidential, intact and always available.

That begins with communication via our web application, which is encrypted at all times. Moreover, a detailed system of rights management and powerful azure cloud hosting provided by our partner Microsoft ensures the highest possible level of technical security. Multiple redundancies make sure that your data are securely stored in TWINGINE.


Why should I use TWINGINE?

As a building developer, TWINGINE lets you take advantage of all the benefits of BIM for the first time and compare your building models more digitally and transparently than ever before. You can analyze and validate data more easily and make informed decisions faster on this basis.